25 January 2011 Homework

1. finish up the google spreadsheet "Creating A Challenge" at http://tiny.cc/pw3

2. for ADMT, research on the questions formulated by your group. answer it in your group google document
3. do a narration for the geography videos, on "convection current" and "structure of the Earth".
4. finish up the mathematics worksheet

For those in S2-08 Higher Chinese Class, please do 作业一(第一到三页)


reflag said...

Where you get the spreadsheet from?

Anonymous said...

just click on the link (http://tiny.cc/pw3)

Sean Phua Aik Han said...

May I know the deadline for the Geography Videos? And are there any thing for us (Soccer Players) to refer to? Thanks.

reflag said...

I mean like where is the original link? cus I don't even know what to do for it..

Lim Hao Yang said...

About the ZuoYe, have you all handed in?

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