Home joy! 28 Jan, 2011

Home joy for the day...

1. Case Study - Arial, Font Size 12, 1 page, Individual work.
2. Math worksheet example 3, 4, 5 and home joy on ACE learning Portal.
3. Finish up your ADMT Research and ideas for the toy design competition.
4. I&E research and plans.
5. Remember to do "Solving of Quadratic Equations Supplementary" Worksheet! All entries are to be submitted by Monday 31/1 before the end of lunch! [ Drop Q1 into the math submit folder with the format of (Class)-(Index #), and hand in to the Math rep. ] This will affect your CNY homework during your holidays!

1. Please study for the narrative writing test, Science test about photosynthesis.
2. People who went to the GCP trip to China on September will have their 听写 next week.
3. Complete all math homework assigned! (especially you know who...)
4. Bring ang bao and used new year decorations.

Liau Zheng En
Treasurer of Class S2-07
The VERY Invisible
School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)

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JieMin said...

Just to add on,
For S2-07 HCL class, go to http://sst2011-s202s207s208s209hcl-limps.blogspot.com/ for the homework

and i dont think there is ace learning right?

zong wei said...

the case study is it the "threats to biodiversity:a case of hawaiian birds?

JieMin said...

Yeah. But actually its by next next Monday 7 Feb.

Marcus said...
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Marcus said...

wad narrative writing test? wad test on photosynthesis?

James Lim Jing Jie said...

Hah! Marcus nvr pay attention, Mr Low say got pretest on photosynthesis or smth liddat

どもくん~! said...

dun have ace learning lah... dun scare me can... LOL. marcus and jj once reach home then use mac... i once reach home sleep le -.-"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to bring your items for the CE Hamper on Monday.

Twaihang said...

What are some examples of the items we need to bring?

Anonymous said...

It should have been decided in your own groups during the last CE lesson., though most of the items mentioned were non-perishable food items.

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