Homejoy of Jan 27, 2011

Homejoy for today:

1.please complete your science worksheet if you have not done so

2.those people who went for soccer please collect the science notes distributed today tomorrow. (you partner may have taken it or it is just left under your desk etc.)

3. please complete the mathematics worksheet. example 01, open-ended questions and example 02

4. for those in S2-08 Higher Chinese Class, please complete your zuo ye 1 by tomorrow

EDIT 2 (by Hao Yang)

5. Remember to complete and bring Science Assignment 3

6. Complete your Math Homework 1 Corrections

7. Prepare for math test! XD

8. Complete questions 1, 3 and 5 about the reasons of dropping the atomic bomb and the SBQ in History E-Journal. Drop into submit folder by tomorrow

9. Email the CNY pictures and sayings to Mdm Yeo

*The author of this post is not to be held reliable for any inaccuracies in this post as this serves only as a reference material.

**If there are any inaccuracies, kindly drop a comment to the post. Do not put it into the tagboard as it may be missed out easily.

Done by: chua zong wei
blue houze captain
School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)


Twaihang said...

I think me and zheng en also need

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