Homework of Jan 20, 2011

Today's homework:

  1. Do page 8 – 11 of IHHIST e-Journal
  2. Finish Parabola WS (Deadline: 24/1)
  3. For people in S2-08 HCL Class: Bring Compo paper
  4. "There will be no ACE-learning this weekend," says Mr Ng. However, do check ACE-learning just in case.
  5. hand in your science ws to zong wei by tomorrow morning

1) Finish the worksheet printed from the textbook. By next maths lesson
2) Upload the science slides onto the science blog. By tomorrow bio
3) Theres a homework sent thru sst email as Google Forms. (I think need to do)
4) For those interested in going Japan, download, print and sign the form from this link: (https://sites.google.com/a/s2010.sst.edu.sg/humanities-geography/home/sec-2-geography) It's not in the submit folder -.-

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Collated by: Lim Hao Yang
Chairman of S2-07
Cyber-wellness Ambassador of SST

School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)


Chin Fan 吴沁芳 said...

There is also the worksheet mr ng printed from the textbook...some ppl took home to finish up

Emily said...

Check google site tomorrow for those interested in the GCP Japan trip

Jun Jie Yeo said...


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