Homework of Mon, Jan 17, 2011

To all S2-07:

Homework so far (not restricted to today):

  • PW Group Google Presentation (Individual slides on, "How has research affected us?") – Jan 18
  • Science Practical WShts (Leaf specimens) – Jan 18
  • Target setting and study schedule WShts – Jan 18
  • IH History e-journal P3 (4-5 if not done) – Jan 19
  • IH History Keynote slide on allocated question of P14 of e-journal – Jan 19
  • Find examples for plate movements – Jan 19
  • Complete Math WS "Algebraic Fractions & Subject" – Jan 20

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Collated by: Lim Hao Yang
Chairman of S2-07
Cyber-wellness Ambassador of SST

School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)


1) Reminder from Math Rep. Please hand up your Math worksheet titled " Homework 01 - Algebraic Fractions" with workings completed on foolscap paper latest by tomorrow morning.

2) Complete Assignment 2 for Science if you have not done so by tomorrow. It is titled " Biodiversity. Assignment 2"

3) Complete Science Practical for Science on Dichotomous Key. It is titled " Biodiversity. Practical 1: Constructing Dichotomous Key"

4) Research on biotic and abiotic features that affect organisms as preparation for Science lesson tomorrow.

5) Reminder from SL Coordinator and Welfare Person. Complete target setting and study timetable with parent's signature by tomorrow.

Edited by: Sean Phua Aik Han (S2-07)
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