Feb 11 Friday Hw

Since there is no post, I shall steal the job of the jobstealer :D

Science- Flow Of Energy and Matter in the Environment Worksheet (Assignment 4_ Photosynthesis & Transport in Plants)

Math- Finish both worksheets by Tuesday

Chinese (S207)- Finish your 作文

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Lim Hao Yang said...

The job stealer was still in school busy counting, packing and tagging NXT and VEX parts when you stole it.

Chin Fan 吴沁芳 said...

and another additional homework is that we have to practice for quizzes next wk every math lesson. (: we also have to do the maths quadratic problem solving worksheet's corrections and the additional practice on the last page. And also...
ok that's all

Chin Fan 吴沁芳 said...

oh yeah and for chinese class 208, finish up your 作业二 (:

Lim Hao Yang said...

and lian bi 2.

Anyways, do we need to finish ALL of the science WS, cos there are some we haven't learn yet (eg. Section B Q2).

And also, anyone care to help in Tier C for Math?

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