Homework for 15/2/11

1. IPW - discuss with your group members how to go about the experiment
2. 208 Chinese - 听写 next week, on 《你的心灵真美》
3.208 Chinese - 作文 this Friday, MUST be handed in on Monday as it is graded. (slackers and those who usually do not hand in homework on time, please remember.)
4. ADMT - do what is on the blog if your group hasn't completed it
5. Science - go to science blog and do those activities (for self-directed learning...and if you guys have science textbooks/assessment books, you can also use them for this activity, which is learning the leaf structure) and if you want, you can download the 2 documents on Science googlesites for reference on the topics we are going to learn in Sem. 1 and the tests coming up.
6. Maths - DO NOT hand up the maths homework 2 to Mr Ng. He will go through some of the questions with us on Thursday.

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Done by: Goh Chin Fan


Lim Hao Yang said...

The science is NOT only for enrichment. It is self-directed learning. Mr Low will not cover leaf structure in class, however, it will appear in term 2 test!

Chin Fan 吴沁芳 said...

practically they can also get it from alternative sources like science textbooks if they have one (like me). so they do this wat-so-called "self-directed learning elsewhere too if they do not want to use those resources on the blog.

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