Homework for Feb 10.

Since there's no one still in-charge of Thursdays, I shall post for today!

  1. Math Quadratics Worksheet (Part 2) — Complete Examples 19 - 23 (By tomorrow!)
  2. (208 HCL) Draw the appearance of Gan Lun and complete that worksheet (By tmr)
  3. Complete your History SBQs and drop them into the submit folder if you have not done so.
  4. (208 HCL) Do "Lian Bi 2" (By next Monday)
  5. Do Math Homework 2 on writing paper (By Next Tuesday)
  6. Read the given History document
PS: I have updated my name on the Homework updater schedule! ^_^

edit: for the people in 207 chinese class, please complete the compo of 150 words

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