Homework for February 9th

Hi all, sorry for the late post. Well let's get to it then.

Homework for the day:
1) Complete all question in English Comprehension Practice EXCEPT the summary by next English lesson.

2) Complete all questions in the Math Worksheet titled "Solving Quadratic Equations" by tomorrow.

3) Prepare for Math Prequiz that is to be held tomorrow.

4) Practice drawing the divergent and convergent diagrams. (Optional)

5) Read History Notes titled "Occupation, Reform and Recovery" by next History Lesson.

6) For HCL Class 207 pupils. Bring 稿纸 for composition writing. (Unconfirmed)

7) UMO Challenge (Unidentified Moving Object a.k.a Challenge 1): Try to finalise and complete all construction works by this week as the teachers are going to need to see the entry soon (1 - 2 weeks time)

Well that's all that I can think of. If there is anything I left out please drop a comment or correct this post accordingly.

*The author of this post is not to be held reliable for any inaccuracies in this post as this serves only as a reference material.

**If there are any inaccuracies, kindly drop a comment to the post. Do not put it into the tagboard as it may be missed out easily.

Done by: Sean Phua
Welfare Person of S2-07
Pioneer Student of SST
School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)


Chin Fan 吴沁芳 said...

huh i thought it's supposed to be ”稿纸" instead of "稿子"?

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