Homework of Feb 08

Since no post is up yet, I shall post! Muahaha!

Today's Homework

  1. Bring 6 pieces of A4 plain paper for sketching during Geography lesson tomorrow
  2. Post your challenge and guiding questions on your group PW googlesite
  3. (208 HCL) 练笔(二)《一个乐于助人的人》 — refer to HCL blog for more information
  4. (208 HCL) 画出甘论的样貌
Other day's Homework
  1. Finish Quadratics worksheet (On algebraic fractions) — by Thursday
  2. Bring your 2010 English Journal or A4 exercise book tomorrow
  3. Download iShowU HD by Thursday(?)
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Collated by: Lim Hao Yang
Chairman of S2-07
Cyber-wellness Ambassador of SST

School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)


G.I.Mao said...

1. I thought the iShowU thing is by Thursday?

2. The quadratic ws is by next maths lesson right?

Jun Jie Yeo said...

it should be guiding questions. Not essential questions yet

Lim Hao Yang said...

Sorry... :( Will amend.

Emily said...

What's the difference ?

Liau Zheng En said...


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