Class Fund Collection

Hi all. This post is regarding the collection of Class Funds. There would be a collection on the first day of every month. The collection fee is now changed to $4 every month.

Should there be any issue or problems in contributing, please kindly look for me.

I would also appreciate if the class state what kind of activities and when it is preferred to be carried out. We can organize events during the long holidays during June and December. As Mr Low says, during the June and December holidays when one is in Sec 2, there is still time to rest, but there would be no time when it gets nearer to the O levels...

I will update the class if there are any changes. Thanks.
*This message will only take effect only on 28th March 2011 3.00p.m...

Liau Zheng En
Treasurer of Class S207
School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)


Tang Wen Yue said...

Can we specify a fixed tax collection day for every month please?
Can you also please,on regular basis show us the accounts book so that we can make sure that nobody on the Executive Committee or anyone else for that matter is spending our money without our knowledge and if they are we will be able to specify suitable punishment for them.

If we have to pay as much taxes as in this video,then we won't really have much of anything left.

PS.What happened to last year's class fund?

Liau Zheng En said...

Okay... There was no class funds for last year.

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