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Hi all. This post is regarding the collection of Class Funds. From experience in 2010, we have noticed that the lack of class funds causes inconvenience in organizing events or activities during the school vacation or during special events. (E.g Teacher's day, Last day of school party, etc.)

As treasurer of Class 207, I will be in-charge of the Class Funds and I hope that the class can generously donate a small sum of $2 monthly. This is far less compared to other classes. It is also appreciated if you could donate more.
If there is any issue or problems in contributing, please kindly look for me.

I would also appreciate if the class state what kind of activities and when it is preferred to be carried out. We would want to agree on a specific activity so that we all can not waste all our time gaming or mugging on our work. This is also to deepen our bond with each other.

I will update the class if there are any changes. Thanks.
This message will only take effect only on 4th March 2011 12:30 p.m...

Proposed rule: When you borrow chargers from someone, give 1 buck to the class fund !
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Liau Zheng En
Treasurer of Class S207
School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)

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Tang Wen Yue said...

I think the sum for how much each person is taxed should be dependent on his/her income,how much he/she needs to spend on his/her needs,and what he/she does with the money he/she has left.For example,if [PLACEHOLDER] has a weekly allowance or $30 and only needs to spend it on school meals or such things,and the rest is provided by [PLACEHOLDER]'s parents/beneficiaries,and [PLACEHOLDER] spends the remaining amount of money on,say,Cherry Credits for Facebook games or spends it at the Arcade,then [PLACEHOLDER] should be taxed more than a person who receives and spends the allowance on basic needs in the same way but saves the remainder.It is on the same line as "If you can't spend your money responsibly,then let us spend it in such a way that it can benefit somebody."
Such as shown in this video:

Joker. said...

Just saying, bonds are to be strengthened, not deepened :p okay sure. But how do we know that you have not used it for other purposes? Maybe put a namelist on the class noticeboard (to be made) and record down how much each and every one of us donates. I DON'T TRUST YOU!! :P

Liau Zheng En said...

Then I would be responsible for the money lost

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