Homework for the weekends


- Complete your Admt Group Journal by next week.
- Complete the worksheet on levers if you have not done so.
- Finish your Trexi design if you have not done do.

- Performance Task discussion on:
  • Increased carbon dioxide emission
  • Increased oil prices
  • Competing demands for food
  • Limited landfill space
- Individual Literature Review

Chinese (s207)
- Complete Zuo Ye 2&3 if you have not done so.

For those who have yet to submit their assessment plan, namely, Emily, Zong Wei, Darius, Wei Hong and Shawn, please do hand it to Dionne on monday.


zong wei said...

what worksheet

reflag said...

The one about levers and stuff.

Lim Hao Yang said...

Remember to submit your Travel declaration forms! Also, for those with the Speech Day forms, do remember to get them signed.

Chin Fan 吴沁芳 said...

there's maths hw on the indices ws rite? i forgot to write down...anyone wrote down the hw pls comment >< there's maths on monday...

Chin Fan 吴沁芳 said...

for class 208 Chinese, there's a zuo wen u guys need to write by MONDAY and it MUST be submitted on Monday. Pls do it...thanks. :)
(this msg is for slackers who always hand in their hw very late and who claims that their hw goes missing when they need to buy more time to do their hw)

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