Homework for 26/4/11

1. English - Edit your paragraphs on the exercise on complex sentences if you need to
2. English - Introduction document
3. Maths - Examples 4.13 to 4.16 of Set Language notes
4. ADMT - Complete your ADMT Group Presentation board and/or Group journal
5. 208 Chinese - Complete the crossword puzzle worksheet

1. Please fill up the feedback form for the assembly program last Thursday (give it to Hao Yang)

EDIT (By Sean)
6. 207 Chinese - Hand up the 长文缩短 Practice to Mdm Yeo tomorrow.
Sports Day is postponed to Term 3 as Clementi Stadium is being used for the G.E. on Friday.
Please remain in class for Science tomorrow as Mr Low will be giving out the test papers.

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Done by: Goh Chin Fan


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