Homework for May 4

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sorry for the late post. I sort of forgot.

Practice 1 & 2 of the Direct and Inverse Proportions Notes. (Due tomorrow)

Table on advantages and disadvantages of measures taken by China and Japan on Earthquake ONLY (Due tomorrow)

Individual Report (Due Friday)
Group Report (Due Friday)

History Common Test
Content: Indus Civilisation + Shang Civilisation (Materials found in Googlesite)
SBQ (Inference) 5 Marks. Use ICE to complete.
SBQ (Compare) 5 Marks. Use ICE to complete.
Writing Skill:
SEQ. Use PEEL to complete.

Math Common Test
Topics tested are:
Algebraic Fractions
Quadratic Equations
- Completing the Square
- Factorisation
- Graphical
- General Formulae
Word Problems (Algebraic)
Indices/ Standard Form
Simultaneous Equation
- Linear
- Non Linear
Quadratic Curve
Set Language and Notation
Direct & Inverse Proportion

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