Homework for the long weekend

This post is for Jing Yi's sake . Correct me if got any mistakes ..

HCL 2-08 :
HCL June hols Hw by FRI 1/7 
bei shu yu by next thurs
Bei 满江红 by next week  
Chinese blog - 改歌词 homework

English : 
Blog question for the chicken soup 

Maths :
Maths Notes pg 5, 6, 7, 8 
Ace - learning by tonight 9 pm 

Science :
Waves Ws by tues 

ADMT layout homework by thurs ( refer to blog ) 
start on ur journal 

History :
Hist Journal , respective part for respective grps ..


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Lim Hao Yang said...

And Geog corrections... Which you need not do...

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