Homework for 4/10/11

HI :D I'm here to revive the homework blog ;)

1. Maths - Sets Language and Notation worksheet
2. Maths - Simultaneous equations worksheet
3. Maths - Anglo-Chinese (Barker) practice paper
4. Physics - Revision paper (if you have not finished)
5. History - SEQ question on Venice (by Friday 7th Oct)
6. 208 Chinese - 责任感听写 next week

1. You can download the physics revision worksheet answers here:
General Properties of Waves Revision Practice Solutions
Electromagnetic Spectrum Revision Practice Solution
Reflection Revision Practice Solution
Refraction Revision Practice Solution
Electricity Practice Questions Solution
sound practice question solution

2. You can download the history EOY revision package here if you haven't downloaded it.

Lastly, please revise well for the EOYs. All the best! :)

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Done by: Goh Chin Fan


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