History of 07' Pioneer Batch

S1-07 '10 was formed on 2 January 2010 and formally conducted into the SST Family in March 2010. Presumed to be one of the few classes that were of higher standards. S1-07 '10 was a class that was both lovable yet hatable. Mdm Yeo Sok Hui was the form teacher of S1-07 '10.

Orientation 2010

S1-07 '10 posing in front of the new SST Campus Grounds.
The class had their orientation by being able to walk around the entire Clementi area and finally ended up at their future campus. Another picture in front of the SST New Campus is to be taken in 2012 when the Campus is completed. It will serve as a comparison with the picture taken in 2010.

S1-07 '10 taking a group photo after going for the mud slide activity
On day 4 & 5 of the Orientation 2010, S1-07 '10 went to 'Sarimbun Scout Camp'. Over there, they had team bonding activities such as the raft challenge and the high elements. Some activities also had the class rooting for a single person attempting challenges like abseiling.

S1-07 '10 were one of the privileged classes to go through the "Group Scribbles" program which was carried out by researchers and the class was led by Mr Richard Koh, who has since 2011, moved on to another school.

Somewhere during mid-year, there was an I&E bazaar held. S1-07 set up 2 stalls: Black & White & the Nerf Gun Stall. Black & White featured accessories, stationaries and stuff that was all black & white, as the name suggests. The Nerf Gun Stall, on the other hand, was like a mini warzone that utilised Nerf dart shooters to reenact the situation of a war. It was one of the I&E Bazaar's featured games even though the revenue generated wasn't as great as Black & White.

S1-07 '10's Black & White stall
S1-07 '10's performance during Teacher's Day left the crowd laughing as they did the "Sunflower Dance" to Ben E. King's "Stand By Me". And since then, S1-07 '10 has not taken part in any performance for major events.

After the performance, there was a captain ball match against the teachers. Even though some students suffered from injuries, it was one captain ball match to remember.
A few S1-07 '10 students climbing up for a better view
S1-07 '10's EPIC was copyrighted and until now, is still used in History lessons throughout the whole school.
S1-07 '10 having the Digipen Workshop
After the EOY exams, S1-07 '10 took part in many beneficial activities such as the Digipen Workshop. In which they learned how to make a simple game.

S1-07 '10's chapter in the SST History Book ended when December 31 passed. 2011 brought new hopes and new dreams for the students of S1-07 '10.

- End of Chapter 1 (S1-07 '10) -

S2-07 '11 was formed on 2 January 2011. All students from S1-07 '10 were promoted to S2-07 '11 successfully. PSLs from S2-07 '11 guided the students from S1-07 '11 through Orientation 2011.

CNY was a joyous new year for S2-07 as they had 'Yu Sheng' in class and received special mandarin oranges packed in the signature SST paper bag.

The class is again taking part in the "Group Scribbles" programme, headed by Mdm Zuraida.

Although S2-07 did not win any prize for the "Best Decorated Class Award", they had a great time enjoying the CNY concert.

The year is still ongoing.